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ISLA (Inclusive Synchronous Learning Activities) guide

This guide will explain what the capabilities and use-cases are for rooms set up for ISLA teaching.

What are hybrid-teaching co-pilots?

Hybrid-teaching co-pilots at City are university students who can be hired by Schools and assigned to a particular module in order to attend live sessions and assist lecturers in running those sessions. Co-pilots may be postgraduate or later year undergraduate students interested in gaining experience by observing teaching, or learning new content, or both. Co-pilots may be asked to co-facilitate activities, such as:

  • Monitor the chat to inform lecturers of student participation and/or flag up student questions,
  • Assign and/or move students to breakout rooms,
  • Assist in setting up and powering down ISLA technologies before and after live sessions,
  • Facilitate use of third-party technologies, such as PollEverywhere, for example sending out links in the chat, ensuring students can access them, monitoring responses, etc,
  • Assisting in monitoring live and online group work.

Co-pilots will receive technical training from LEaD equivalent to that which lecturers receive. Please note that co-pilots are not IT or AV experts.

How do I get a hybrid-teaching co-pilot?

If you are using ISLA facilities for teaching, your department or school may ask if you'd like a hybrid-teaching co-pilots. You may also request one from your school or department. Ideally, your module will have the same hybrid-teaching co-pilots for all live sessions in order to streamline communication and provide continuity. 

Working with Hybrid-teaching co-pilots

Although hybrid-teaching co-pilots are students, in this capacity they are acting as professional colleagues. We recommend that lecturers/lead facilitators agree in advance with co-pilots how communication will be handled and what the module-specific expectations are.

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