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ISLA (Inclusive Synchronous Learning Activities) guide

This guide will explain what the capabilities and use-cases are for rooms set up for ISLA teaching.

Consider your options

Please read through this guidance to understand whether an ISLA room is the best choice for your module. ISLA rooms are designed for small-group interactive teaching, primarily for when lecturers and some students are attending in-person, and some students are attending online. Please consider whether this technology is the best option for your teaching before choosing to book an ISLA room. 

Do I need ISLA or DALI with LectureCapture/Echo LiveStream?

Lecture Capture/Echo LiveStream: Lecture Capture is a system that allows you to make automatic recordings of your lectures or presentations and it can also stream lectures/presentations live without having to set up a camera, microphone or other recording equipment. The livestream option can be chosen during the booking process.

City uses Echo360 to process and manage Lecture Capture recordings. You can choose which inputs you would like to record which include:

  • The visualiser and projector,
  • Audio from the microphones in the room,
  • Camera view of the front of the room.

Use LectureCapture if your teaching is:

  • Primarily 1-2 people lecturing/presenting.
  • Can have Q&A that is conducted via chat/PollEverywhere/online, as you will not be able to record the audio or video of in-person student audience.
  • Has more than 40 student participants, in any mode of attendance.

You can use either DALI or Legacy rooms for this kind of teaching. DALI rooms are fitted with a range of technology including new teaching podiums and have both lecture capture/livestreaming capabilities. 

Do I need ISLA or DALI+?

DALI+ rooms are most suitable for larger group teaching. They are DALI rooms which have been upgraded with additional ceiling microphones. This allows in-person student discussions/queries to be heard by those livestreaming or watching lecture capture recordings. DALI+ rooms are more suitable for live streaming than standard DALI rooms as audience participation can be heard by those online. They do not, however, provide the same level of student interaction as ISLA rooms.

Use DALI+ if your teaching:

  • Is primarily 1-2 people lecturing/presenting, but in-person audiences will be asking questions that you would like recorded (audio, video, or both).
  • Has more than 40 student participants, in any mode of attendance.
  • Is taking place in a DALI+ equipped lecture theatres in the Centenary Building.
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