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Poll Everywhere student guide

This guide explains how to use PollEverywhere


Lecturers may require that you register before responding to Poll Everywhere so they can identify your responses for teaching purposes. You can register with a Lecturer’s account before or during a class:


  • Lecturer registration link - If you have a link from a lecturer, follow the link! They might send it by email, include it in the syllabus, or post it on Moodle. It usually looks something like
  • Find instructor by email - If you know your lecturer’s email address, then you can register when prompted via

In-class registration

You can quickly register your name and email with a lecturer while in class. You will only have to register once per lecturer and after that your name, email, and potentially your student ID will be associated with all your responses to that lecturer’s polls (unless the poll says that it is anonymous.)

  • When your instructor activates an activity on their page (it looks something like, you’ll be asked to register:
  • If you don’t have a Poll Everywhere account, you will have to create one using your City email. If you have an existing Poll Everywhere account, then login from this screen.
  • Select the Register button and you’ll see a confirmation checkbox.
  • The registration dialogue will disappear and you’ll see the lecturer’s active poll

What information can my lecturer see about me?

  • Unless your lecturer is running an anonymous poll, your name and email will always be available to them next to your answers. If you provide an alternate identifier, they can also see that.
  • Your full phone number is never shared with them, but in some reports they can see the last 4 digits of your phone number. The main purpose of this is to help verify that your certified phone number is correct. This helps you troubleshoot any problems with getting credit for your answers.