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City Blogs student guide

This guide explains how to use City Blogs

How do I change the theme of my blog?

The City Flex theme is applied by default to all new blogs. This is an accessible theme based on CampusPress flex and has been customised to the City Brand.

You can change your theme if required. Remember to choose an Accessibility Ready theme:

  1. From your blog Dashboard go to the Appearance menu.
  2. Select Themes and select Accessibility Ready to ensure that you select an accessible theme.
  3. Select Live Preview to preview how your blog will look in a new theme.
  4. Once you have found one you like, select Save & Activate.

You can add additional accessibility features to your blog by activating the Accessibility Plugin: 

  1. Go to Dashboard >> Plugins and select Activate along the Accessibility Plugin.
  2. From the Dashboard select Settings >> WP Accessibility and select Add Accessibility toolbar with font size adjustment and contrast toggle and select Update Toolbar Setting.

Please note: themes have different functionality so if you change your blog theme you might lose access to widgets in a sidebar. These will move to inactive widgets and can be reused in your new theme.

Please note: Not all blog themes will display your name or display multiple authors.

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