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Explore how to create, design and structure your content to ensure that is is accessible to everyone.

About Caption.ed

With Caption.ed, you can have instant captions, downloadable transcripts and effortless note-taking. The Caption.ed website has an overview and a video of the features. 

Caption.ed provides machine-generated captions and transcripts on the go. The tool can follow user activity from a YouTube tutorial to a lecture capture recording, and then on to a Microsoft Teams meeting.  

Students and staff at other Universities recommend the tool's use to assist and support with study. City’s Disability and Neurodiversity Team is piloting a limited number of licences from September 2022. 

Caption.ed accessibility

There is an Accessibility Statement for Caption.ed on our Accessibility Blog 

What you need to know

About the pilot

This pilot runs from September 2022 to 31 August 2024. We will endeavour to extend accounts for the full academic year if in use. 

We offer the use of the mobile and desktop applications only. The browser extension is not supported at City. 

About the captions and transcript 

The caption and transcripts are machine generated, they are not checked by a human. We advise you not to rely solely on the automated captions/transcript when reviewing your multimedia content.

You can download the transcript, as a VTT file or Text File. If you want to remove the time codes for easier reading, then you can use this simple tool Microsoft Transcript VTT File Cleaner.

Who do I contact if I require alternative formats as part of reasonable adjustments? 

If you require accurate captions or transcripts as part of your reasonable adjustment, contact the Disability and Neurodiversity Team to discuss your requirements.

About your data 

Any Caption.ed user data collected will be processed and retained in accordance with Caption.ed’s Privacy Policy and City’s Privacy Policy. Furthermore, City adheres to Safe Data Handling, which instructs data handlers to minimise data collection to only necessary data points.  

Accessing Caption.ed at City

The Disability and Neurodiversity Teams can allocate an account to you. Please request a licence via the teams' general enquiry forms. In the form, please specify: “I would like to try Caption.ed for captioning and notetaking.”

Alternatively, you can contact the teams via their email, phone or locations details available on the Student Hub.

Further resources

We recommend starting with these guides on Notetaking and Captioning from the Caption.ed Help Centre

Find out what our student reviewer thought of Caption.ed! Read Andrei’s blog: Caption.ed as a tool for City students to leverage live captions and note taking.

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