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Kaltura MediaSpace and multimedia student guide

Explore the features of City's media delivery platform and how to share your video content.

About Kaltura MediaSpace

Kaltura MediaSpace is the University’s media platform. It is like an institutional YouTube/Vimeo system. It allows you to upload, store and share video and audio files. These files may be for assignments, for maintaining a video log or for storing important moments.

MediaSpace (also referred to as Kaltura) is fully integrated into Moodle. As a student, this is the normal way you will access it.

You can use MediaSpace as a student to create and share videos. Your lecturers use MediaSpace to create and share multimedia content on your Moodle modules.

  • You can upload a wide variety of video and audio files, up to 2GB in size. For worry-free uploading, we would advise you keep files below 300MB, which can be helped using the free program Handbrake.
  • Videos are private by default but you can make them available to others. When you submit a video for an assignment, your lecturer and course officer will always be able to view it.
  • You can do basic editing within MediaSpace, like trimming and cutting out sections.
  • You can make simple screencasts (recordings of your screen with narration or webcam video) using the free tool Kaltura Capture.