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Submit Moodle Assignment guide

This guide will explain how to submit assignments in Moodle.

Time required to submit your assignment

It can take time for your file to be uploaded to Moodle and for it to be processed by Turnitin. This can be anywhere from a couple of minutes to up to 30 minutes, depending on the size and format of your file and your connection speed. Ensure you leave yourself adequate time to successfully submit your assignment.

About Moodle Assignment

Moodle enables you to submit assignments online and your lecturers provide feedback and grades online. There are a variety of assignment and assessment features in Moodle and this guide provides you with information on how to submit to a Moodle assignment.

Ensure you are familiar with your School's policy on assignment submission and have carefully reviewing the coursework instructions prior to undertaking an assignment.

Please note any limits to the on the file size and/or the number of files that you can submit.

Give yourself enough time to submit your assignment online. You must submit all parts of your assignment prior to the assignment deadline. We recommended putting aside at least 15 minutes to submit your first assignment online. For subsequent assignments, make sure you give yourself at least 10 minutes before the deadline to submit your assignment. 

You will receive an email notification to your City account to confirm .

Practise submitting to a Moodle Assignment

You can practise submitting a file to a Moodle Assignment so that you feel comfortable with the steps involved before you have to submit your coursework. Practice submission areas are available for you on the Learning with Moodle module.

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