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Prepare for new academic year guide

Get ready for the new academic year with our preparation guide.

Import or Rollover?

If you are teaching on a current, rather than a new, module your first task is to decide if you want to import specific content or rollover all content. The pros and cons of each approach are outlined below. You can then access the relevant guidance page for more information on how to use your preferred option.

Rollover pros and cons

The rollover tool is available from the Utilities menu on the top navigation menu. It facilitates the copying of module content including activities (excluding user data - e.g. database and glossary entries, forum posts) and resources from one module (source module) to another (destination module). Rollovers can be setup in bulk and can be scheduled to run on whatever date is required.

Rollovers are run every night. Rollover is useful when you are not planning on making a lot of changes to a new iteration of a current module.


  • Rollovers can be setup in bulk and can be scheduled to run on whatever date is required.
  • You can choose whether to rollover staff enrolments.


  • Rollover rolls over all content (excluding Turnitin assignments, Forums and Moodle assignments with Turnitin-plugin enabled). this means that you will need to delete content that is out of date or no longer required.
  • If staff have left the University, you will have to manually unenrol lecturing or Course Officer staff from the module

Import pros and cons

Import is available from the contextual navigation menu > More > Module Reuse > Import

Import facilitates the import of specific resources or activities. It is useful if you want to perform imports of content from more than one module or when you are redesigning a module and don't need to rollover all current content.


  • Allows you to control what content and resources you want to be available in your new module.
  • You can import content from more than one module.


  • You have to manually select each resource, activity that you want to import.    
  • You have to manually enrol all staff roles on your new module.
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