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MS Teams for teaching guide

Explore how to activate your Teams for teaching and how to use it effectively

About Teams

Teams is the platform where you can collaborate and engage with others through discussion, file and information sharing. Teams Meetings one of City's Virtual Classroom solutions that enables video and audio calls as well as screen sharing to discuss and engage with others.

This guide is about the Teams platform.

Module Teams and Moodle

Teams is a complement to Moodle. Used together they can form a powerful digital ecosystem for teaching and learning.

Moodle provides students with a structured pathway through learning content and activities, while providing a secure and reliable space for assessment submission, marking and feedback. Moodle tends to be lecturer-led so students engage in activities that the lecturer has enabled.

While Teams are structured and facilitated by lecturers, they can be set up to encourage more student control over how they collaborate and communicate. We recommend the use of Teams to support induction activities and then to facilitate student collaboration and group work by providing them with access to the tools they need.

The most effective use of these systems together is to see them as complementary. Use of cross-linking (linking to a resource on Moodle within Teams and linking to the Team in the relevant Moodle module) ensures that students do not face confusion and a duplication of content and understand where to complete different activities. 

Teams for teaching

Prior to the start of term, a script is run periodically (every few days) to create module Teams and enrolments for all current SITS modules for the upcoming term. All students enrolled on the module will become students of the module Team. The module Team will be unavailable and hidden from students until a staff owner decides that they want to activate it.

Download Teams for desktop

Before you start with Teams, download the Teams desktop client.

Support and training

Teams demo: This 5 minute interactive demo provides a great overview of Teams. Remember if you are using Teams for teaching you can skip the part about creating a new Team as this will be completed for you.

City’s Teams Community Support Site: Leveraging the collaboration and discussion potential of Teams, this community site has links to guides and FAQs and a community of users on hand to help with your questions.

Microsoft Teams for Education: Please note that module Teams will be auto created if there is a corresponding module in SITS so you will not have to manually create all your teams. City is switching off assignments in Teams as all assessment must take place in Moodle.