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Lecture Capture student guide

Explore how to access Lecture Capture and how to use the recordings to support your learning and revision.

About Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture is available to help you review the lecture, improve your notes and to aid revision. City uses the Echo360 system to record the audio and content of some face-to-face lectures. While Lecture Capture is a great study resource, it is not a substitute for attending lectures because attending lectures enables you to to:

  • Gain immediate feedback and support from your lecturer.  
  • View copyrighted material shown that cannot be recorded, view in-class discussions that are not recorded or audible.
  • Immediately know what the lecture was about; some lecturers may choose to make the recordings available at a later date, for example, at the end of term, in time for exams. However it is likely you will be required to know lecture content to prepare for a seminar, tutorial or lab session.
  • Experience the lecture with your peers allows you to make connections and discuss lecture topics together before, during and after a lecture, further aiding your understanding.
  • Spread your learning across the term.

What lectures will be lecture captured?

All lectures will be automatically recorded if they are scheduled in a Lecture Capture room. Other teaching events may not be recorded. Recordings will be available via your Moodle module and are released with a one-day delay.

To ensure the continuing quality of Lecture Capture recordings, we request that you do not do not move the cameras in learning spaces. The cameras are used to record the top of the learning space. If you are concerned about being recorded, we would advise you to sit slightly away from the teaching pod at the front of the room to ensure that you are not in the camera’s range.

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