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Lecture Capture student guide

Explore how to access Lecture Capture and how to use the recordings to support your learning and revision.

View Lecture Capture recordings

  1. Log into Moodle using a desktop or laptop, select the relevant module.
  2. Select the Lecture Capture link from the Activities panel on the Module Dashboard. You may have to unblock pop-ups for the Lecture Capture.

    Lecture Capture highlighted on Activities panel on Module Dashboard

  3. If there are multiple links to Lecture Capture, select the relevant link.
  4. Select the link Open in new window. Echo360 Lecture Capture module homepage will open in a new tab displaying all associated recordings and live streams for the module. These are organised by date and time, with the oldest recording at the top of the list. Simply select the relevant recording to review.

BM1202 lecture capture recordings

Recordings that have been scheduled for a future date will display with a grey play button.

Browser settings

If you are viewing Lecture Capture recordings on a Mac device with Safari, you will need to change some settings in your browser. The Echo360 guidance page provides step-by-step instructions on how to do this.  Please use the latest version of a browser when accessing Lecture Capture. Further information is available in the Echo360 recommended browser guidance page.

Echo360 mobile app

Once you have accessed all the link to Lecture Capture for each of you modules via Moodle, you caCity Uni Appsn download and use the Echo360 app to view and interact with Lecture Capture including saving recordings for offline viewing.

  1. Review the Echo360 guidance on downloading and using the app. You do not need to create a password, enter your City email address on the app and you will be directed to sign up with your City email address and password.
  2. Guidance on how to navigate the Echo360 app
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