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Poll Everywhere student guide

This guide explains how to use PollEverywhere

About Response history

Answering polls over a long period lets you reflect on the taught content and participate in class. Checking your Response history allows you to see to what polls you've answered and, if they are marked as correct/incorrect, to check on how many correct and incorrect answers you gave. This might be helpful to trace back your participation and when deciding what to remediate or revise. 

Check Response history on browser

You can view your response history in You do not have to sign in, but you will only be able to see your Response history if you view the site using the same browser you used to respond to the polls and you haven't deleted your browser history.

  1. Open the browser you have used to response to Poll Everywhere questions.
  2. Go to the Poll Everywhere website
  3. Select the hamburger icon.
  4. Check your Response history.

Check Response history on App

You will only see response history if you have logged into the app to answer questions.

Open the app and select the hamburger icon. Select to review your Response history.