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City Blogs staff guide

Explore how to set up and use City blogs for teaching and learning activities.

How do I view a student's blog?

  1. Go to: and Log In.
  2. Enter your City username and password to Log In.
  3. From the My Sites tab, select a student’s blog and select Visit Site to view it.
  4. If you have a large number of student blogs it can be difficult to navigate from the My Sites tab, so select See All. This opens a page with all of the blogs you are a member of and is much easier to navigate.
  5. Select Visit underneath the name of the blog you want to view.
  6. To add a comment, select the link to comments (this is displayed underneath or alongside the post).
  7. Write your comment and select Post comment.

How can an external examiner view a student blog?

Complete the External Examiner Account Request Form via the IT Self Service Portal. Include a list of blog URLs that the external examiner requires access to and indicate what level of access the External Examiner should have on the blogs. The Subscriber role is recommended as this enables the External Examiner to view the blog(s), read comments and write comments.

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