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City Blogs staff guide

Explore how to set up and use City blogs for teaching and learning activities.

Add a City user to a blog

As a blog administrator, you can use the Invite Users feature to register City users to your blog. Ensure that your invite link is set to the right role to ensure that they have the correct permissions on your blog. Send the invite link to the users' City email addresses.

Monitoring users posts and comments

  • Advise your users not to provide any special category and/or sensitive data that could identify a living individual.
  • As a blog administrator, you will be responsible for ensuring that users post appropriately within City's Conditions of Use policy and remove any inappropriate posts or comments from the blog.


How can an external examiner view a student blog?

Complete the External Examiner Account Request Form via the IT Self Service Portal. Include a list of blog URLs that the external examiner requires access to and indicate what level of access the External Examiner should have on the blogs. The Subscriber role is recommended as this enables the External Examiner to view the blog(s), read comments and write comments.

How can external users contribute to City Blogs?

City recognises that external contributors, including Alumni and service users, contribute to students' learning. If you require external users to contribute to a City Blog the external users will need to agree to the terms and conditions of the External User Agreement CampusPress (see below) and the Conditions of Use Policy (the PDF needs to be downloaded and provided to externals as it is available on the Staff Hub). Local accounts can then be set up for external users. You can request local accounts for the external users via ServiceNow. Provide the external user's name, email, the blog role required and the blog URL and the local accounts will be created and assigned to your blog.

Please note that there is a separate process for external examiner access. The External Examiner Account Request Form needs to be completed to provide External Examiners access to City Blogs

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