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After Lecture Capture guide

Explore how to check, edit and share your recording after a Lecture Capture


Once you have finished your teaching session with Lecture Capture, you can check and edit the recording. 

If you haven't already connected your recordings to your Moodle module, set up the link.  See Connect Lecture Capture to Moodle.

Once your recording has been live for a few weeks, you can use the analytics to check how students are engaging with Lecture Capture (see monitoring student engagement page of this guide).

Make recordings unavailable if lecture cancelled

If a lecture is cancelled or rescheduled or you move rooms and you do not get a chance to contact the IT Service Desk to request that your Lecture Capture is cancelled, you will end up with a recording of an empty room or potentially a meeting/conversation if someone has gone into the empty room to use it.

You will need to make the recording unavailable immediately after the scheduled lecture and you can log a request on IT Self Service Portal for the recording to be deleted.

Any staff member enrolled on the Moodle module can make the recording unavailable.

  1. Login to the relevant Moodle moduleMake Unavailable highlighted on Lecture Capture recording
  2. Select the link to Lecture Capture from the Module Dashboard.
  3. Select the link to the relevant Lecture Capture from the list of Lecture Capture links available on your module.
  4. Select the play button alongside the relevant recording within the course and select Make Unavailable.
  5. Select OK.
  6. The link will still remain and students will see a message that no content has been added yet if they click into the link.
  7. The Lecture Capture owner can now request that the recording is deleted from Lecture Capture by logging a call on IT Self Service Portal.



Access Lecture Capture recording

It is good practice to check your recordings after your teaching session to ensure audio has been captured correctly. 

Access via Moodle

If you have already connected your Lecture Capture recordings to the relevant Moodle module you can quickly access the recordings from Moodle.

  1. Open the relevant module
  2. Select the link to Lecture Capture in the Module Dashboard. This will open up a list of links of all Lecture Capture activities that you have added to your module.

    Link to Lecture Capture displaying in Module Dashboard between Forums and Quizzes

  3. Select the link to the relevant Lecture Capture from the list of Lecture Capture links available on your module.
  4. Select the play button on relevant recording within the course and select View on the menu that opens to review the recording.

    Play button highlighted alongside Lecture from 3 March

Access via Echo360

  1. Navigate to Echo360.
  2. Enter your City email address and select Submit.
  3. From the Select Institution menu, choose City, University of London and select Submit.
  4. Sign in with your City email address and password.
  5. Select Courses from the top navigation bar.
  6. Search for the relevant course.

    Link to courses second option in top navigation menu on Echo360

  7. Select the relevant course from the results returned. For example if you have been using Lecture Capture over a number of years you may have links to the same course over different year.
  8. Select the play button on relevant recording within the course and select View on the menu that opens to review the recording.

play button highlighted alongside session 1


Report problems with recording

IT check the Lecture Capture equipment regularly, but occasionally issues may arise on your recording.

If you notice any issues during the review of your recording with the audio, screen capture or video, please log this via IT Self Service Portal with the room location and your module code. Logging issues early means that IT can resolve them before your next lecture.

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