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Before using Lecture Capture guide

Find out how to schedule Lecture Capture and connect Lecture Capture with your Moodle module.

Benefits of Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture is used in many universities in the UK and around the world. The ability to review lecture recordings is particularly useful for students learning in a second language and neurodiverse students.

Lecture Capture is appreciated by many students, especially for revision ahead of exams, and to help with note-taking and content review after each lecture. Studies have shown that these systems are widely used by students where they are available and can help students to take a more active part in lectures when they know that they will be able to review the content later rather than feeling that they must take word-for-word notes during the lecture itself.

City has the second highest percentage of commuter students in the UK. Lecture Capture can provide a safety net for those who miss lectures due to transport issues.

Lecture Capture and student attendance

There are often concerns that recording lectures may affect attendance or engagement, and published literature presents mixed evidence. However, the potential benefits of lecture recordings include:

  • Revision of complex concepts.
  • Being able to engage more fully in the lecture, because a recording exists from which to revisit any incomplete notes.
  • Viewing missed content where it has not been possible to attend class

Thus, recordings can be used to reduce cognitive load, encourage distributed practice, and personalise learning. 

It will be necessary to be clear with students about the expected uses of Lecture Capture recordings. While students will most likely not get the full benefit of watching the lectures online rather than attending in person, some may assume that they no longer need to attend. It is lecturers' responsibility to ensure students understand that Lecture Capture recordings are provided as a supplement, not a replacement, for teaching.

About Lecture Capture

Lecture Capture makes automatic recordings of  lectures or presentations. City uses Echo360 to process and manage Lecture Capture recordings.

All taught sessions classified as lectures in the MyTimetable system for 2023/24 will be automatically scheduled to be recorded using Lecture Capture if they are timetabled in a Lecture Capture enabled room. IT will manually set up recording schedules for lectures with early term start dates. From 18 September 2023, recording schedules will be automatically created in two week blocks.

Lecture Capture recordings that are automatically scheduled will record the following sources:  

  • Audio (A) 
  • Data Projector (D) 
  • Video Camera (V) 

Lecture Capture live stream will not be enabled on automatically scheduled recordings. If you need to change the sources to be recorded and/or to enable live stream, complete the Automated Lecture Capture change of details form on IT Self Service Portal.

Remember to:

  1. Book your lapel microphone so you can move around the learning space while lecturing. 
  2. Connect Lecture Capture to Moodle to display the recordings to students. If you do not do this, students will not be able to view the recordings.

Recording tutorials/seminars

If you want to record tutorials, seminars or other teaching events, you will need to request this using the Lecture Capture booking form on IT Self Service Portal at least two working days in advance of the teaching session. You can choose which inputs you would like to record and you can also select to enable live stream if required.

You must connect Lecture Capture to Moodle to display the recordings to students.

Access Lecture Capture for the first time

To activate your account on Echo360 you must first access Lecture Capture from Moodle. This will create your account in Echo360. If you do not have the Lecture Capture link on your module you must first connect Lecture Capture to Moodle. 

Lecture Capture policy and processes

The default position under this policy is that all lectures, both synchronous and a synchronous, will be recorded using Lecture Capture or other software and an audio recording and any associated presentational materials (e.g. PowerPoint slides) or other online materials will be made available to students via the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Moodle. The definition of lecture may include small-group teaching sessions such as tutorials and seminars, although this is at the module leader’s discretion.

Lecture Capture and external events

If you are planning an External Event, please contact the Events Team in the first instance.

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