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Create Moodle Assignment guide

Moodle Assignment enables students to submit their coursework and allows the Lecturer to assess, grade and provide feedback.

About Moodle Assignment

Moodle Assignment enables students to submit coursework as a file upload or online text, and the lecturer can assess, grade and provide feedback on the coursework. Assignment activities can be set up for diagnostic, formative and summative assessments.

The Moodle Assignment activity is very flexible and students can submit their work:

  • Individually or as a group,
  • With their identities revealed or as anonymous submissions,
  • With Turnitin similarity report switched on or off,
  • With or without a time limit.

While the flexibility of this activity makes it a great option to meet your assessment requirements, you need to get the assignment settings correct before any students submit their coursework.

To help you get the settings right we have organised the guide to provide step-by-step instructions on how to create Moodle Assignments to meet the most common assessment requirements. You do not need to read the whole guide, you can select the relevant assignment type from the navigation menu.

Assignment availability

All assignment submission areas with deadlines should be clearly visible to students from the start date of the module. Assessment criteria should also be available to students from Moodle.

In Moodle 4, the deadline for Assignments display on the module page within the activity card.

Moodle assignment displaying due date of 30 June 2023 and activity completion information

Academic integrity

Students are required to review and accept an Assignment Submission Statement prior to submitting their assignment.

Assignment submission file size

The default file submission/upload size for a module is 400MB.  

Related policies

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