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Turnitin Assignment feedback guide

Explore grading and feedback features available in Turnitin Feedback Studio.

About Turnitin Assignment feedback

Turnitin's grade and feedback functionality is called Feedback Studio. Feedback Studio provides for online feedback and grading alongside a Similarity Report when reviewing a student’s assignment. Turnitin Feedback Studio has been designed to provide a simple and clear interface for you to check similarity and mark online. Feedback features include:

  • Comments
  • Inline comments
  • QuickMark comments (Frequently Used Comments)
  • Rubrics
  • General comments
  • Audio feedback

These features are accessed via a set of Grading and Similarity buttons that you can switch on and off using a Layer menu. The video below provides a quick overview of Feedback Studio and there is an interactive demo you can try out before you use Feedback Studio for the first time.  

More detailed guidance on each of Turnitin's feedback features is contained in the remainder of the guide.

Supported browsers

Make sure you are using a supported browser and have configured your settings to work with Turnitin. Check Turnitin's system requirements

We recommend that you avoid using Internet Explorer when accessing Feedback studio and instead use an up-to-date version of Firefox. If you are a Mac user, please ensure that you using OS X 10.4.11 (Tiger) or above. Bulk download of submissions does not work with Safari. You can bulk download assignments using Firefox when anonymous marking is not enabled.

Turnitin maintenance

All Turnitin services may be unavailable for use during scheduled maintenance times. Times for these scheduled maintenance windows are the first and third Saturdays of each month. We recommend you avoid scheduling assignment deadlines outside of core working hours and you should avoid scheduling any marking on the first and third Saturdays of each month. Check the My Moodle page for information about upcoming Turnitin maintenance.

Turnitin errors

When a student submits a file to a Moodle assignment with Turnitin enabled, they may receive an error message that prevents their submission from uploading successfully to Turnitin.
Some of the errors such as file exceeds maximum allowed size and user has not accepted end user agreement are clear to understand and easily rectifiable by following the guidelines set in the Submit Turnitin Assignment Guide.

There are other errors that are not so clear to understand such as:

  • problem creating the module in Turnitin (see API logs) 
  • problem editing the module settings in Turnitin (see API logs) 
  • no accessible content in the file pool 
  • XML response could not be parsed 

To rectify these errors, please try the following:

Note: If students were required to click the submit button you will need to revert their submission to a draft. If the cut-off date in the past you will need to give students an extension to a future time to enable them to resubmit.

  1. Ask student(s) to change their file name if it is over 40 characters and resubmit the file.
  2. If the file name is short but students converted the assignment file from Word to PDF, we have found changing the file name and resubmitting the assignment works.
  3. If the file name has any punctuation apart from underscores, ask the students to remove punctuation and resubmit.
  4. If the file name & file name conventions is OK, sometimes, simply changing the file name helps push the paper through to Turnitin. 

Alternatively, a staff member with the programme admin role can log in as the student to resubmit on their behalf:

  1. Log in as the student for whom you want to resubmit.
  2. Access the Assignment.
  3. Select Edit submission.
  4. Select the file from the File submissions field. An overlay window will open
  5. In the Name field, update the title of the submission (any change is sufficient)
  6. Select Update.

    Name of assignment being edited

  7. Go through all the other steps (academic integrity statements & submit & continue buttons to resubmit the file)
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