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Get started with Moodle 4 staff guide

Find out what Moodle 4 is, how it is organised and used at City and how it interacts with our other systems.

About Moodle development

City undertakes a Moodle version update annually over the summer. This is to update Moodle to the latest release and optimise the database. Plugins are normally installed once a year in line with the annual upgrade.

This ensures that information about new plugins is built into communications around changes to functionality with the latest Moodle upgrade and that training on how to use these effectively is included in Refresher Training for staff. Some plugins such as third-party integrations like Turnitin require a lot of testing and may restrict the number of small plugins that we can install with the annual update. If you want to request a plugin for Moodle, please review the Moodle plugin process (below) to find out about timescales and tasks to undertake to get a new plugin approved.

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