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Get started with Moodle 4 staff guide

Find out what Moodle 4 is, how it is organised and used at City and how it interacts with our other systems.

About known issues

This page gathers together the known issues and bugs in Moodle 4. Some of these are still being worked on by IT and others are issues that cannot be resolved and where possible we provide a work-round.

Selecting back on the browser returns a user to the top of the module

When a user selects back on the browser they are returned to the top of the module rather than to the section in which the resource/activity that they were reviewing is located.


This issue has been resolved in Moodle 4.3 which City will include as part of its update in July 2025.

Editing Quiz questions

Editing Quiz questions in Quiz preview does not immediately display the changes to the question or options.


This is being worked on by Moodle. For a much better question editing experience, open the Quiz, select the link to Questions in the contextual navigation menu above the module name. This lists all questions available in the Quiz.  Scroll to the relevant question and select the edit (cog) icon to make your changes. Alternatively, you can edit your question in the Question bank

Quiz opened with Questions and Question bank highlighted in contextual navigation menu

Staff in Programme Admin role display on the Participants page

Staff enrolled as Programme Administrators (module level) display in the Participants page.


This is expected behaviour. Staff are enrolled as Programme Administrators to manage a programme of modules. In Moodle 4, they are auto enrolled directly onto the modules to provide access to module search and filter features. 

  • Technically, you cannot unenrol a category-level enrolment from a module via the Participants page. 
  • Do not delete the Category enrolments option from the Enrolments option page as your Course Office team will not be able to manage your module and support student queries.
  • If staff have changed roles and no longer require Programme Administrator role at category level, request they are unenrolled using the Programme Admin enrolment/unenrolment form on IT Self Service Portal.
  • If the Programme Administrator requires infrequent access to Moodle, they can request that their role is changed to category only Programme Administrator.

Contextual navigation menu on mobile

As a staff member when you open a module module on a mobile, you may notice that some of the options on the contextual navigation menu display below the red bar.


This issue is being actively worked on by IT.

Module index on mobile and with collapsed sections

When accessing Moodle on a mobile, laptop of on a desktop with the sections collapsed, you may sometimes notice that when you select a section from the Module index that the previous section is highlighted. 


IT have investigated this and it is not currently fixable. You can still directly access activities and resources from the Module index. It is easier to navigate the sections in the central column when the sections are collapsed.

Login request to Echo when adding a Lecture Capture activity

Echo is not recognising a very small minority of Moodle staff accounts. When you add a Lecture Capture activity and select the Open in new window link to connect Echo to Moodle you may be presented with a login screen. Your City credentials do not work to login.


This was escalated to Echo360 who say that if the Moodle account is new but an Echo360 account already exists then as a security precaution they ask the user to link the new Moodle account with their local Echo360 password. Once the accounts are linked you will not be prompted again.

  1. Select the Forgot your password link on the login page presented.
  2. Enter your City email address.
  3. Select Send email.
  4. Email sent from Echo360 called password reset. Select the link in the email to Reset password.
  5. Enter new password in both boxes to enter Echo360.
  6. Close Echo login page.

Select Open in new window again from Moodle 4. You may be presented with the Echo login screen again. Enter the password you reset and you can connect Moodle to Echo. You will not be asked to login to Echo360 again. 

Log in as: No permission to agree to the policies on behalf of this user

Programme Administrators and E-Learning Admins may receive an error message  - No permission to agree to the policies on behalf of this user - when logging in as a user.


This is expected behaviour. You can only login as another user if they have previously logged in to Moodle 4. Users need to accept the privacy and cookies policy on first login. If these policies are not accepted, then you cannot login as that user.

Question bank: Admin user displaying in question "Created by" column

Modules from 2022/23 were imported by IT and the Created by column in Question bank displays as Admin user.


This is expected behaviour. The questions remain editable by staff.

Restore Glossary and Database entries

Taught modules from 2022/23 have been restored onto Moodle 4. Glossary and Database entries are not included in restored modules.


This is expected behaviour. Navigate to the module on Moodle 3.9 - Open the activity, open the Settings menu on the right of the page and select export entries and select the Export entries button. The file will download to your computer. You can then import the entries to the activity in your module for the new academic year on Moodle 4 -

Kaltura player on mobiles

We have found a number of issues with the new player for mobile users. 

  • iPhone users cannot expand the new Kaltura player full screen.
  • Android users can expand the player full screen as long as the video is embedded in a Page, Book or displayed as a video resource.
  • Embedding Kaltura videos in an activity description or a label removes access to transcript, captions and full screen mode for all mobile users.


We have logged the issue with IT for escalation to our supplier Kaltura.

Kaltura transcript: Unable to read options until you open full screen

We have launched a new Kaltura Player in Moodle 4 with an improved transcript display. If you open the transcript and open the three dots menu to the right, options to download or print the transcript display. Users cannot read the full text of the options if they do not expand the video.

Three dots menu opened alongside Transcript


The work-round is for users to expand the player to review the full text of the transcript options.

Export in Grader Report

When you select the Export option from Grades it defaults to Checklist even if there is no Checklist activity on the module. 

StatusExport as menu opened

The ordering cannot be changed and as City uses the Checklist activity and report, this option displays first. Open the Export as drop-down menu to select your preferred download option. 




Moodle Assignments only display in the Timeline block for staff if the Remind me to grade by date has been enabled. Deadlines for other assessments display for staff. All deadlines display in the Timeline block for students.


This is expected behaviour for the Moodle Assignment activity.

Quickmail navigation

There are inconsistencies in the navigation when using different elements of the Quickmail block.


Not currently fixable. Navigation work-rounds are available in the Quickmail guide.

Unable to add new section to large module

Unable to add a new section to large module.


This is not a bug. Moodle only supports 52 sections per module. You will have to delete any additional sections.

Editing chapter/sub chapter in Book

Cog icon highlighted alongside assessment chapter

You may find that you need to select the edit (cog) icon twice to edit the chapter or a sub-chapter of a Book resource in a Moodle module. 


This issue is being investigated by IT.

OU wiki description does not display on module page

If you add a description to an OU wiki and check the box to Display description on the module page, the description does not display on module page.


OU wiki is a third party plugin so this issue is not fixable.

H5P Import

In testing import of H5P activities from one module to another, we found that this does not always work consistently. The expected behaviour is that the content package in the content bank and the activity get imported. We have found that sometimes the content package does not import to the new module.


Work-round in place. If the content package does not import into the content bank, download the content package from the source module and upload it to the new module. Delete the H5P activity in the destination module and create a new H5P activity that links to the newly uploaded content package. The person who uploads the H5P content package is the only editor of the content package but all other staff enrolled on the module can add an H5P activity that links to or is a copy of the H5P content.

Grid format: Due dates for Turnitin and Video assignments do not display on module page

Due dates for Turnitin and Video assignments do not display on module pages using the Grid format. Due dates for Assignment and Peer Assessments do display.


This issue cannot be resolved. This has been added to the guidance on limitations with Grid format.

Joint school displays as page name in category searches

Joint School (which is the first Moodle category) displays as the Page name when Programme Administrators and E-Learning Administrators enrolled at category level complete a search.


IT are investigating if the page name can be changed.

Searching for Programme at category level

Programme Administrators and E-Learning Administrators enrolled at category level may not be able to search for "Programme" at category level.


This is being investigated by IT. Search for another term within the module name to locate the module.

Error when previewing questions in Question bank

A very recent error has popped up when E-Learning Admins try to preview questions in Question bank.


Issue assigned to IT. This is only impacting staff in the E-Learning Admin role. The work-round for the moment is to try any of the following methods: Comment on the Quiz question in the Question bank, Edit the Quiz question in the Question bank or preview the Quiz activity.

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