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Get started with Moodle 4 staff guide

Find out what Moodle 4 is, how it is organised and used at City and how it interacts with our other systems.

What is Moodle?

Moodle is City's Online Learning Environment. From 17 July 2023, Moodle can be accessed using the web link:  All City staff and students can access Moodle using their City credentials (Email and password) via desktop or mobile browser.

Lecturers design Moodle modules to enhance the student learning experience by providing online access to module content, activities, communication tools and assessment. This increases opportunities for students to interact with module content and their peers. Moodle can be used to structure students' directed independent learning and to develop flexible learning and teaching approaches.

Moodle access

  • For new staff; your Moodle account will be automatically created for you. You will be enrolled on the relevant modules by the course office team. The staff roles available in Moodle are explained in our Moodle staff accounts guide.
  • Some staff may not be registered on the staff database - SAP. If your course officer is unable to enrol you on your modules, log in to Moodle once with your City username and password and your account will be activated. Once your account is activated the course office team will be able to enrol you the relevant modules.

Moodle availability

Moodle is available 24 hours a day and can be accessed both on and off campus using a web browser. Moodle is considered at risk between 7-9am GMT/BST each Tuesday morning when maintenance may be undertaken.

Login to Moodle 4

Single Sign on and Multifactor Authentication (MFA) means that logging in to Moodle - - is a 2-stage process: 

  1. Select the City Single Sign-on button.
  2. Enter your City email and password if you’ve not already signed in to another service using SSO (e.g. ServiceNow or 
  3. Complete authentication by entering a 6-digit verification code sent to your mobile device by SMS or via the authenticator app.
  4. On your first login to Moodle 4, you will need to check to confirm cookies and privacy information.

IT have more information about MFA: 

Please remember that you are not fully logged out of SSO services until you shut down your browser completely. The Moodle logout link will take you to a page with a reminder of this. 

MFA issues

If you urgently require support with MFA related issues e.g. you are without your mobile device, then please contact the IT Service Desk on 020 7040 8181 or from a learning space phone.

Accessing Moodle on campus or via VPN

If you are accessing Moodle using a Pod PC, your office computer or have logged into the VPN at home you will not be required to complete MFA.

Related guidance

Moodle 4 and Moodle 3.9

Moodle 4

Moodle 4 is available via

Moodle 4 was launched in July 2023. It contains all taught modules from 2023/24 onwards. Copies of taught modules from 2022/23 were restored into Moodle 4 as source modules for Import or Rollover. The 2022/23 modules do not contain any student data or staff interactions.

Moodle 3.9

Moodle 3.9 is currently available from You can also to access Moodle 3.9 from the City links within Moodle 4.

Interaction with other systems and Moodle enrolments

  • On 17 July 2023, City upgraded to Moodle 4 at the new URL:
  • All modules from 2022/23 were copied into Moodle 4 without student information as a source of content for 2023/24 modules. Staff enrolments were copied over.
  • Each taught module has its own Moodle page which is updated by the module leader, other lecturers who teach on the module, or the programme administrator.
  • For every current module on SITS, a Moodle page is automatically created. If a module occurs more than once during an academic year on SITS, a Moodle page will be created for each occurrence.
  • Students are automatically enrolled on the Moodle pages corresponding to each of their modules based on their enrolment on SITS.
  • New modules that are not linked to SITS modules, e.g. programme modules or online common rooms, can be requested by completing a Non-SITS Module Request Form on IT Self Service Portal. Students can either be enrolled manually on these modules by programme administrators or automatically by requesting a business rule to be set up when completing the Non-SITS Module Request Form (business rules require SITS programme or route code(s) for the students to be provided).
  • Modules from 2017/18 to 2022/23 are accessible to staff and students on

Learn to use Moodle online

The Digital Education Team has created a module called Introduction to Moodle for new teaching staff.

This self-paced module introduces the basics of Moodle to new lecturers and acts as a complement to their workshops and this guidance site.

To gain access, log a request on the IT service desk the link below and details of how to enrol will be sent to you.

Try out Moodle 4 features on a PlaySpace

You can use a Moodle PlaySpace to explore different Moodle structures, features and to test different activities. IT set up PlaySpaces for all staff on 17th July 2023. If you are a new staff member, you can request a PlaySpace using the Non-SITS Moodle module request form and choose PlaySpace as the Enrolment type in the form.

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