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Create Quiz guide

Overview of how to create a Moodle Quiz and how to add your questions to the Quiz.

About user override

User overrides can be used to:

  1. Provide additional time to students who have reasonable adjustments for assessment
  2. Provide an extension to students who experienced technical problems in accessing the Quiz.

Dates, timing and number of allowed attempts can be changed for individual users via the User overrides setting. 

You can update this setting anytime, even after the Quiz has closed for student attempts.

Add user override

  1. Select the Quiz activity.
  2. Select the More on the contextual navigation menu and choose Overrides.

​​​​​​​Settings menu opened and user overrides first option of the menu

  1. Select Add user override.
  2. Search for and select the relevant student from the results returned in the Override user field.
  3. Change the relevant settings. You can override the opening and closing date and time, the time limit and the number of attempts allowed.
  4. Select Save.

Override settings available for student 1

Provide additional attempts

You can use the user override feature to provide additional Quiz attempts for a student. 

If resubmission is managed by providing another attempt, the Grading method of the Quiz should be set to 'Last attempt' rather than the default Highest grade. This setting can only be amended before any student attempt is made.

Delete quiz attempts

In most circumstances, you won't have to delete individual student attempts on a quiz. Instead, you can grant an additional attempt using the User override as described above.

To delete a quiz attempt:

  1. Open the relevant quiz, select the red text Attempts: x (where x is the number of attempts) in the middle of the page.
  2. Under What to include in report select "All users who have attempted the quiz". This will include attempts by staff as well as students.
  3. Select Show report
  • Check the box next to individual attempts to select specific attempts, or
  • Check the box on the report next to first name/last name to select all attempts.
  1. Select Delete selected attempts.

Quiz report with individual attempt selected

How can my students add a yellow sticker to their quiz?

If the quiz contains short answer and essay questions, it is helpful for markers to see yellow stickers attached to the quiz so they are aware of the need for sympathetic marking without having to refer to a separate list.

To allow students to upload their electronic sticker, add an essay question to the start of the quiz.

In the question text, add instructions for those students with yellow stickers to upload them to this question. For all other students, instruct them to write "N/A" and move on to the start of the quiz. This means that students without stickers will not see an unanswered question in their quiz.

The essay question should have the following settings:

  • Default mark: set to zero
  • Allow attachments: select Unlimited
  • Require attachments: select Attachments are optional.

The Exam Office recommends allowing an extra five minutes for those students who need to upload their yellow stickers, and that students should also bring their physical sticker with them to any in-person, online exams. Additional time can be added in advance using the individual overrides.

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