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Create Quiz guide

Overview of how to create a Moodle Quiz and how to add your questions to the Quiz.

About Quiz question types

Moodle has a wide variety of question types. In addition, City has added a number of third-party question types. The link below provides an overview of the standard question types and the subpages provide guidance on how to create the third-party question types that City has installed on Moodle.

Quiz questions and copyright

Different copyright rules apply for different resources based on the type of resource it is. Below shows 3 different resource types and the copyright rules for them.

Images from online resources/websites

It depends where the image originated and what terms apply to the source, for example, if taken from a website the copyright or terms and conditions section of the site in question may indicate what may and may not be done with its content.

If no terms are indicated then there wouldn’t be an allowance to re-use except for one of the following purposes:

  • Examination purposes (including assessed coursework)
  • Criticism and review: i.e. to make a critical point, as opposed to using for illustration.

Text quoted from online resource/website (i.e.pasted or rekeyed)

For examination purposes (including assessed coursework), there is no limit to the amount which may be used.

For purposes of criticism and review (rather than for illustrative purposes), material may be used roughly to these limits:

  • For a series of quoted extracts from different works: no single extract of more than 300 words;
  • For a series of quoted extracts from a single work: no more than 800 words.

Image or text scanned from book

Any scanning (of an image or text) must be done via the library digitisation team.

Creative Commons Licence
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