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Create Quiz guide

Overview of how to create a Moodle Quiz and how to add your questions to the Quiz.

About categories

Before you start creating questions, it is good practice to create categories for your questions.

Question categories provide a way or organising your questions. You can use categories to organise your question by topic, by score awarded, by difficulty level, by quiz or by another mechanism that helps you to organise your Question bank.

Questions are stored in these categories in a similar way as your files are stored within folders.

The hierarchy feature enables you to separate categories into sub categories and sub categories into sub sub categories. Categories and sub categories, are very powerful when combined with random questions that can select either from one category or from a category and any of its sub categories.

Access Question bank

There are two ways to access the Question bank.

If you are within your module, you can select More, and then select Question bank from the drop-down menu.

Accessing the Question bank from the module page toolbar

Whereas if you are within the Quiz itself, the Question bank is available from the contextual navigation menu.

Access the Question bank from the toolbar when within a quiz activity

Create category

Each category must have a name and you can include a short description of the category. 

  1. Access Question bank using one of the methods in the previous box.
  2. From the Questions drop-down menu in the top left corner, choose Categories.
  3. Select the Add category button.
  4. Give the category a meaningful name.
  5. Select Add category at the bottom of the page to save.

Add category page for question bank questions

Create question

  1. Access the Question bank through one of the methods outlined above.
  2. Select the relevant category from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the Create a new question button to create a question within that category.

    Relevant category and new quiz section of the question bank page

  4. A pop-up will display with different types of questions, select the relevant question type and select Add.
  5. Provide a name for the question. This is not visible to students, so provide a name that helps you recognise the question.
  6. Provide the question text and complete the settings. 
  7. Save changes and select Preview to ensure your question is working as expected.
  8. Close preview and follow the process to add all of the required questions.

Add a question to the Quiz

  1. Select the Quiz you wish to add a question to, or create a new quiz activity.
  2. Select the Add question button.
  3. On the right side of the page, select Add
  4. Three options will appear on a drop-down menu. Select from question bank.
  5. Select the category from which you want to select questions.
  6. Select the questions you want to add to the Quiz.

Conditional questions

If you are using Interactive with multiple tries or Immediate Feedback behaviour and with the navigation method set to free, you can make a question display dependent on a previous question being answered first.

  1. Select the Quiz and select Questions from the contextual navigation menu to open the questions that have been added to the Quiz.
  2. To make a question, for example Question 2, conditional upon Question 1, then select the padlock just above Question 2.

When students access the Quiz, they will see a message saying that Question 2 is not available uConditional view of the quiz navigation.ntil they answer Question 1.
The navigation block, found in the block drawer on the right of the page, will show the question greyed out.


Assign points to questions

You can set how many points each question is worth. To access this:

  1. Select the Quiz.
  2. Select Questions from the contextual navigation menu.
  3. Select the pencil icon in the box to the right of the question. Input the maximum grade by changing the number and select Enter on your keyboard to save the edit.

Changing the mark of a question

Question settings

Before the Quiz has started you can edit the question as it displays in the Quiz or delete it from the Quiz.

  1. Select the Quiz.
  2. Select Questions from the contextual navigation menu.
    • You can move the question to a new location in the Quiz using the compass icon.
    • You can edit the question using the cog icon.
    • You can preview the question with the the magnifying glass icon.
    • You can delete the question by selecting the bin icon.

Editing questions in a quiz.

Edit questions

To access the Question bank:

  1. Select More on the contextual navigation menu above the module name. Select Question bank.
  2. Locate the question in the bank. Select Edit from the Actions column, then Edit question from the drop-down menu.

How to edit the question in a question bank

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