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Create Quiz guide

Overview of how to create a Moodle Quiz and how to add your questions to the Quiz.


WIRIS is a set of solutions that have been added to Moodle to enhance mathematical features. WIRIS empowers your questions by adding:

  • Random variables (such as polynomials, matrices, plots...).
  • Automatic evaluation of the answers.
  • Graphical representations in 2D and 3D.
  • A formula editor to introduce students' answers.
  • Syntaxcheck of the answer for open answers.
  • Open questions, such as Introduce a real number that is not a rational (There are infinite correct and incorrect answers).

Access WIRIS MathType editor

The WIRIS MathType editor is a WYSIWYG formula editor designed to streamline the process of writing mathematical formulae. It is accessed via the text editor which is available when creating Page, Book and Label resources. The text editor is also available when writing Quiz questions.

To access the WIRIS toolbar, select the Show more icon on the text editor small arrow to the right and down icon. Select the Square root the symbol for square root icon in the toolbar. 

down arrow and square root are highlighted in red


The MathType editor will open in front of the Moodle text editor. Each tab offers a set of symbols and operators to write formulae.

WIRIS toolbar shows ten tabs, each with multiple options

Create WIRIS Quiz question

  1. Access your Question bank, from your module page select More, then Question bank.
  2. Select the relevant category to organise your question. Select Create a new question.
  3. Scroll down the list of questions to WIRIS Quizzes and select one of the question options available.
  4. Write the Question name.
  5. In the Question text field, access the WIRIS toolbar to write the question statement. Show the select more icon on the text toolbar and select the square root icon to open the MathType editor
  6. From the WIRIS variables settings, select the WIRIS icon to activate the WIRIS Quizzes Studio. This provides settings to manage maths questions effectively. 

    Wiris variables settings opened

  7. Complete the required settings and select OK.
  8. Scroll to the end of the question and select Save.

Screencast: WIRIS quizzes for Moodle

Question types

Question types on WIRIS are very similar to question types on Moodle. 

WIRIS variables

  • With WIRIS it is possible to generate several different questions with one question, by setting random values for the variables in the problem.
  • Every time the question is displayed, it shows new data values, although the structure of the question is the same.
  • These new and random values are calculated online in real time.

Examples and resources

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