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Add multimedia to Moodle guide

Explore how to create Video Resource in your module and how to embed content from external repositories.

About embed videos

Embedding videos within a resource ensures that students can access the relevant video content as they need it. It also provides a more integrated navigation experience as students can review text and video content within the same resource without having to navigate back to the module homepage. You can use the text editor to embed external content into a Moodle resource or activity.

The text editor is used to create the following content types in Moodle:

  • Label
  • Page
  • Book

The text editor is also available from the Description field of activities or resources and within Quiz questions. 

Restrictions on embedded multimedia content

Embed options

Embed Kaltura MediaSpace videos

Kaltura MediaSpace has a plugin within the text editor to enable you to embed videos from MediaSpace into resources and activities in Moodle.

Embed videos from external repositories

You can switch to HTML view within the text editor to embed code from external repositories to display an external video within a resource or activity in Moodle.

  1. On the top-row of the text editor, select the Arrow button to display the full functionality of the text editor.
  2. Select the triangle brackets icon to display the HTML code.

  3. Place your cursor in the location within the content where you want the video to display. Paste the embed code into the text editor.
  4. Select the triangle brackets icon to review the embedded content.


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