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Poll Everywhere staff guide

Engage with your class in real time with online polls and quizzes.

Clear responses

If you intend to re-use your poll, clear the responses from the poll before you present it again. You can keep a record of past responses by generating a report on each presentation of the poll. Generating reports can be done before or after clearing responses. 

Clear responses via the website

  1. Log into Poll Everywhere.
  2. Select the activity.
  3. Select Clear responses from the configuration page.

Clear responses via the PowerPoint plugin

  1. Open your presentation.
  2. Select the Poll Everywhere tab.
  3. Log into your account if required.
  4. Select Clear Responses from the toolbar.

Remove the Poll Everywhere app from Teams meetings

If the meeting is a recurring meeting and you do not want to use Poll Everywhere in future meetings, remove the Poll Everywhere app at the end of the meeting. You can also remove the app from any channels or chats you have added it to in the same way.

  1. Open the Poll Everywhere panel within the meeting.
  2. Select the three dots (More Options) menu
  3. Select Remove


Create Reports

You can view the responses to single activities or run reports on a series of activities.

Clearing results will not impact your ability to generate reports. 

Create a report on a single activity

  1. From Activities, select the activity.
  2. From the setting menu, select Reponse.
  3. View all responses or select a specific date.
  4. Change report type if needed.
  5. Download as a CSV file if required.

Create a report on a series of activities

  1. From Activities, select the activity or group of activities you want a report on.
  2. Select Create Report from the menu above the activities.
  3. Choose the report type according to what you need to analyse.
  4. Select Create Report.
  5. View the results.
  6. The report you created will be saved and you can reopen it later, if you need to analyse it again by going to Reports (step 1). When the report is generated again, use Select run to view results from a particular date.
  7. Export the report to a CSV file if needed.

Advanced reports

If you ask your students to register, you can track their achievement: the number of correct and incorrect answers, their overall result as a percentage and you can generate a group rank.

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