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Poll Everywhere staff guide

Engage with your class in real time with online polls and quizzes.


You can create a wide range of activities in Poll Everywhere. There are many different types of activity that fall into six broad categories:

  • Multiple choice,
  • Free text,
  • Ranking,
  • Clickable image,
    • Please note that clickable image polls do not support keyboard methods to reply.
  • Survey,
  • Competition.

Each category is described in Activity Types below.

Activity types

Pose a question to test knowledge or to canvass opinion. Participants can choose one or more possible answers. Where there is a correct answer, you can designate the correct answer(s).

Pose a question and participants type their response. Responses can be displayed as onscreen text.

In Q&A questions, participants can also upvote their favourite answers.

Please note that the word cloud and cluster displays will be removed in early 2023.

Add a question and supply a range of answers for participants to rank.

Upload an image and participants select an area of the image. You can set areas on the image and, if relevant, mark one of them correct

You must supply alternative text for any images you upload. Please note that clickable image polls do not support keyboard methods to reply.

Add a series of multiple choice questions. Each must have a correct answer(s). Participants get points for correct answers and how quickly they answer. A leader board is displayed after each question.

Add a series of questions (multiple choice, wordcloud, Q&A, clickable image, open ended text and ranking - that participants can answer in their own time. Create a URL to share the survey.

Create Actitivies

  1. Log into your account on the Poll Everywhere website.
  2. Select Activities > My Activities.
  3. Select the +Activity icon.
  4. Select your activity type from the options. Select More to see further choices.
  5. Type your questions into the Title box:
  • If your poll has answers, add the answers.
  • If your poll has a correct answer, mark the correct answer
  • If your poll is a clickable image, select or upload the image
  1. To create another activity, select Add another activity, and repeat steps 1 - 5.
  2. After adding all your activities, select Create.
  3. A new screen will open and you can configure or present your activity.

Poll Everywhere Activity choice

Create activities with equations

Poll Everywhere supports polls with equations. See the guidance below on how to enter formulae so that the system translates text into mathematical expressions.

Activity settings

  • Share: Create shareable links to individual polls or surveys
  • Visual settings: Change the colour scheme, font or font size and how the results are displayed.
  • Activate: Publish your poll.
  • Present: Activates your poll and presents it in a full-screen browser window. Press escape to return.

  • Previous/Next: Shows the number of activities in this presentation and which is activated. Move to the previous or next activity.
  • Lock: Stop receiving any further responses
  • Timer: Start or reset the timer. Set the time in the Configure menu
  • Instruction/responses: Toggle between hiding and showing responses.
  • Clear results: Remove previous responses. Useful if you want to re-use a poll.

Configure your activities

How people can respond: By default, every activity is set up so students can response by text or website.

Audience restriction and identity:

In general, these settings are left to the defaults.

  • Who can participate? Choose who can participate in the activity - anyone with the response page URL or only registered respondents. Please see the guidance on how to register students if you want to restrict who can respond.
  • How do you want to identify participants? By default, this is set to Auto-generated ID. The ability for participants to enter their own user IDs has been disabled by City. If you want to identify participants you must register students.

Response settings: These settings control:

  • How many times people can respond to an activity - a limited number or as many times as they like.
  • Whether people can change their response before the activity is locked.
  • Whether to show the activity title.
  • Whether to send a message in reply to each response.

Schedule lock/unlock times: Set times for the activity to lock or unlock automatically.

Moderation: Choose different levels of moderation and profanity filters in free-text activities.

  • If you enable moderation, each response must be checked by a moderator before it is displayed. You can share the moderation with other presenters in your team. This can be time consuming, so ensure you have help before choosing this option.
  • Automatic profanity filter. Choose between:
    • Disable filter: no filter
    • Censor profanity out of response: The censored response is shown with the profanity replaced by asterisks
    • Block responses with profanity: The responses are not displayed at all
  • Filter emoji reponses: Allow or block emojis.

Timer: Set a time limit for participants to respond to your activity. Remember that those with accessibility issues may need longer to respond.

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