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Poll Everywhere staff guide

Engage with your class in real time with online polls and quizzes.

PowerPoint plugin

You can insert Poll Everywhere polls into PowerPoint presentations, create polls or convert slides into polls.

The PowerPoint plugin is installed on every presentation podium PC in the university.

To download the plugin to your own PC to prepare slides with embedded polls, follow the instructions below.

Plugins for Keynote, Google Slides, and Slack are also available from The MS Teams app should be installed via Teams.

Install the PowerPoint plugin

  1. Search for the Software Center (note spelling) in the search bar on your PC.
  2. Under Applications, select PODs: Poll Everywhere.
  3. Select Install.
  4. Re-open PowerPoint and select the Poll Everywhere tab.
  5. If you are unable to install, contact the IT Self Service Portal.
  1. Search for Self Service.Self service
  2. Under SW-Other, select Poll Everywhere.
  3. Select Install.
  4. Re-open PowerPoint and select the Poll Everywhere tab.
  5. If you are unable to install, contact the IT service desk.

NB: You will receive a warning that Poll Everywhere is recording your screen. It is not recording, but Macs automatically display this warning when running any application which makes use of the content on your screen. See this Poll Everywhere article for more details.

To install the plugin on your own personal PC or laptop, or your City device if you have permission:


  1. Go to
  2. Log into your Poll Everywhere account.
  3. Go to the Poll Everywhere applications page.
  4. Select the appropriate application for your system.
  5. Download and install.

Insert an activity into a PowerPoint presentation

Insert polls into presentations

  1. Install the appropriate plugin for your presentation software.
  2. Open your presentation.
  3. Select the Poll Everywhere tab on the toolbar.
  4. Log into your Poll Everywhere account using the same username and password as on the website.
  5. You are now ready to add a poll to your presentation.
  6. Tick the box next to individual questions to insert them singly, or tick the box next to a group to insert all the questions in that group.
  7. Choose whether to insert each question as:
  • Default slide: One slide which shows the question and all responses as they come in.
  • An activity flow: If you have a multiple choice question with at least one correct answer for the activity, choose the Instructor flow. The system will insert three slides: Instructions slide, Results slide (responses are locked when you navigate to this slide), and Correctness slide (revealing the correct answer to the class).

The slide will display the URL for your polls and a QR code that will direct students to your polls.

Convert slides into polls

You can create multiple choice questions from existing PowerPoint Slides.This may be useful if you want to re-use an existing presentation, or if you are creating your presentation on a PC without the plugin installed. If you do have access to the plugin or Poll Everywhere website, use them to create your polls rather than converting existing slides as you will have far greater functionality. In order to convert slides into polls, please note:

  1. The slide must be in the format of a title box and a content box.
  2. Whatever text is in the title box will be converted to the question.
  3. Any bulleted text in the content box will be converted into the answers.

Once your slide is ready, go to the Poll Everywhere plugin menu, select convert and then insert.


Add the Poll Everywhere Teams app

Poll Everywhere Teams app

The Poll Everywhere app can be added to Teams meetings to allow attendees to respond to polls without having to open a separate browser window. There are some restrictions to the types of meeting the app can be added to.

  • You cannot add the Poll Everywhere app to meetings that have a channel associated with them.
  • You can add the app to meetings created inthe Teams or Outlook calendar with individuals or groups of individuals invited, or via the Meet Now option in chats.
  • The app can be added by anyone who has organiser, co-organiser or presenter permission in the meeting.
  • The Poll Everywhere app works best within the Teams app rather than in a browser.

Add the app to a meeting

  1. Open your calendar within Teams and select the meeting.
  2. Select Edit
  3. Select the + icon at the top of the screen
  4. Search for Poll Everywhere, or select Poll Everywhere if it is already available.
  5. Sign into Poll Everywhere using your e-mail and Poll Everywhere password. NB: this may be different from your usual IT password.
  6. Poll Everywhere will open a browser window. In the browser window, select Authorize and close the window.
  7. In Teams, select Save.
  8. When you start the meeting, the Poll Everywhere icon will be available on menu bar.

Cutomise the URL of your response page

  1. Log into your Poll Everywhere account.
  2. Seprofile iconlect the profile icon
  3. Update your Username.
  4. This customises your response page. To respond to your polls, participants visit
  5. A QR code is displayed on your activities. The QR code will direct participants to your response URL.
  6. You can download a larger .png of your personal QR via Profile > Username.

Turn off sign-in notifications for students

By default, Poll Everywhere prompts respondents to sign into their account to register for graded activities. As most activities at City are anonymous and/or ungraded, this step isn't needed.

You can turn off this off this notification for your students:

  • Log into Poll Everywhere
  • Select the Profile menu
  • Select Activity Settings
  • Under Remind participants to register for all graded activities? select No.
  • Select Save.

Test your activties

Use the test panel to preview how your activity will appear to those responding on a mobile or via text.

Or activate your poll, and respond via to preview the experience for respondents and to rehearse how you activate the poll when presenting. Remember to clear any responses before presenting it in class.

Further guidance

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