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Poll Everywhere staff guide

Engage with your class in real time with online polls and quizzes.

Using Poll Everywhere outside teaching sessions

You can use Poll Everywhere outside of live teaching sessions by:

  • Pinning a Q&A question in your account,
  • Creating and sharing a survey,
  • Embedding a poll and its results in Moodle or another website.

Pinned Q&A

Pinned Q&A activities allow you to leave a Q&A question open for feedback throughout a presentation, even when others are activated, or outside of a live presentation. This can be used, for examples, for students to submit questions asynchronously in advance of live sessions, for answers to be given during the session. Another example would be for students to submit feedback on the module as and when they have suggestions or ideas. 

As questions, comments and suggestions come up, participants can respond to the pinned activity, even when you activate others throughout the session. They’ll see a tab once they join your presentation on your unique response page or via the Poll Everywhere mobile and desktop apps.

At the end of the session, take some time to go through the submissions to make sure everyone’s thoughts are addressed.

Pin a Q&A

  1. Create your Q&A question.
  2. Select My Settings > Pinned Q&A >Settings.
  3. Select your Q&A question to share.
  4. Select Settings and choose how long you'd like the question to be activated and when the respondents can see the answers.

Embed in Moodle

You can embed a poll and its results into a website, or Moodle page.

  1. Create your activity.
  2. From the configuration page, select Present > Share and Embed.
  3. Scroll down to copy the link to the question and to the live results.
  4. Once you have the code, embed your poll into Moodle in a label or a page. Paste the copied html code into a label using the expanded text editor.
  5. You can use the same method to embed your poll into a website or blog.


Surveys allow you to ask your participants multiple questions at once. Everyone can answer the questions privately at their own pace. Surveys can be activated and displayed on your response page, shared with a dedicated link, or even used during a presentation. To create a survey:

  1. Log into Poll Everywhere.
  2. Select + Activity.
  3. Select Survey and add your questions.
  4. Select the Activate icon to publish the survey.
  5. Select Share to copy a response link or to copy an embed code.
  6. When you want to stop collecting responses, lock your survey.
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