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Blocks guide

Find out how you can use Blocks to provide additional functionality and content to your module.

About Activity results block

The Activity results block displays results from graded or rated activities in a module. This enables students to identify how well they have done on an activity in comparison to the highest and/or lowest scores in the class.

Add Activity results block

  1. Turn Edit mode on.
  2. Open the Block drawer on the right of the module.
  3. Select Add a block.
  4. An overlay window opens displaying available blocks.
  5. Select Activity results.
  6. The block will be added to your module at the bottom of the right-hand column.
  7. Select the cog icon on the top right of the block to configure it.
  8. Select the relevant activity results to display from the Which activity should this block display results from? menu.
  9. Select number of Highest and Lowest grades to display.
  10. Set the Privacy of results: Lecturers can choose to display
    • the highest or lowest scores,
    • whether to display individuals or groups and
    • the privacy level of the results (display full names, ID numbers of anonymous results)
  11. Select Save changes.

The example on the right display the results of a Quiz activity showing the three named students with the highest scores:

top three student scores displaying for Learning with Moodle Quiz

The example on the right displays the three highest results and the students names are replaced with the title User

Top scores for Learning with Moodle Quiz displaying anonymously.

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