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Blocks guide

Find out how you can use Blocks to provide additional functionality and content to your module.

About Text block

A Text block is used to add text or images on a module. You can use this block to add contact details for the module teaching team.

This block is very flexible and can be used for a variety of other purposes. It uses the standard Moodle text editor for formatting text, adding images or creating links. You can switch to code view to enter valid HTML markup. This enables embedding of video, audio and other files which can add unique elements to a module page. You can add multiple Text blocks to your module page

Add the Text block

  1. Turn Edit mode on.
  2. Open the Block drawer.
  3. Select Add a block. An overlay window opens displaying available blocks.
  4. Select Text.
  5. The Text block will be added to the bottom of the Block drawer.

Edit the Text block

  1. Select the cog icon.
  2. Select Configure.
  3. The block will open. Add a Title and Content.
  4. Scroll to the end of the page and select Save changes.

Removing a Text block

  1. Select the cog icon.
  2. Select Delete block.
  3. Select Yes to confirm.
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