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Blocks guide

Find out how you can use Blocks to provide additional functionality and content to your module.

About Upcoming events block

The Upcoming events block displays module, group or user events month-by-month. Due dates for assignment and quizzes etc., as well as Scheduler appointments, will appear in the Upcoming events block automatically.

To view events across all modules, access the Calendar from the Block drawer on the Dashboard page.

Add Upcoming events block

  1. Turn Edit mode on.Upcoming events block displaying upcoming events and Go to calendar link highlighted
  2. Open the Block drawer on the right of the page.
  3. Select the Add a block link. An overlay will display
  4. Select Upcoming events.
  5. The overlay will close and the Upcoming events block will display at the end of the Block drawer.
  6. Select Go to calendar to open the Calendar.

Manage Calendar

  1. Open the Block drawer.
  2. Scroll to the Upcoming events block.
  3. Select the link to Go to calendar at the end of the block.Go to Calendar highlighted on Upcoming events block
  1. In Calendar view, select the New event button.

New event highlighted in Calendar

  1. On the new event page, enter:
    •  Event title
    • Date
    • Type of event, i.e module or group
    • Under Show more, you have options to create a series of events or put a duration on events.
    • Select Save.

Adding calendar events

drag and drop

  1. If you accidentally create an event on the wrong date, you can drag and drop the event to a new date within the same month. Mouse select and hold the event and drag and drop it to the correct date.
  2. If you want to change the month of an event. Select the event.
  3. Select Edit when the Event opens.
  4. Make your amendments and select Save.
  1. Open the Block drawer.
  2. Navigate to the Upcoming events block.
  3. Select the Go to calendar link at the end of the block.
  4. The calendar initially displays upcoming events. Calendar menu with Month selectedYou can change to a monthly view. Select Month from the menu on the left hand side of the Calendar.
    • To view a previous month, select the back arrow; to move forward to a month in the future, select the forward arrow.
    • Days of the month which contain calendar entries appear in red, and are highlighted according to the event category:
      • Site events (university-wide) are highlighted green
      • Category events (department-wide) are highlighted purple
      • Module events (for this specific module) are highlighted peach
      • Group events (events for specific groups of students) are highlighted yellow
      • User events (added by the individual and only visible to that person) are highlighted blue
      • Hover over a day which contains an event, to see a summary of that event.
  5. You can switch to the Calendar for another module you are enrolled on, by selecting the drop-down menu that displays the module short-code at the top of the calendar.

Go to activity

  1. Select the name of an event to see a summary of that event.
  2. Users can navigate directly to an activity by selecting the entry and selecting Go to activity from the event overlay that opens.
  1. You can filter calendar events so that only certain categories of events display.
    • To hide certain categories, select Hide alongside the category of events that you want to hide.
    • To show that category again, select Show alongside the relevant category.
    • You can filter the calendar by Month, Day or Upcoming events.

Calendar displaying events in June 2023 with site events hidden

User menu opened and preferences highlighted

  1. To change how your Calendar displays, select the User menu alongside your name.
    • Select Preferences.
    • Select Calendar preferences.
  2. You can set:
    • The time format
    • The first day of the week
    • Number of events to show in the calendar block
    • Days to look forward for events
    • Whether the filters on this calendar should be saved as the default for all calendars.
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