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Create content guide

Overview of the popular resource types that you can create to present content to students.

About images

We recommend that you use meaningful images that convey information in a more effective way than by using text. Avoid images of text and of tables as this are not accessible.

  • Remember to add alternative text to images that you use on Moodle. If you use images as teaching resources, you might find the Poet tool useful to learn how to describe your images effectively for students using a screen reader.
  • Ensure that you follow copyright guidance on using images for educational purposes.

Uploading images to Moodle is a two-stage process: 

  1. Upload the image into Moodle
  2. Link to the image. This is essentially the same process whenever you link to files in Moodle and is easy to do.

Related guidance

Upload image

  1. Turn Edit mode on. You can add an image onto the module page using the Label resource. You can also add an image into any text editor input field within an activity or resource.
  2. Open the relevant section.
  3. Select Add an activity or resource and select Label from the Resources tab.
  4. Select the Image icon within the text editor.Add image icon
  5. You will be presented with a dialog box:

  6. Select Browse repositories...
  7. Select Upload a file.
  8. Select Choose file. Navigate to the relevant drive on your computer and choose the relevant image. Select Open and select Upload this file.
  9. Choose License
  10. Describe this image for someone who cannot see it. Add a description of up to 125 characters to make the image accessible to visually impaired users. As the description of the image is limited, you may need to provide additional information in a separate file for students if you image is very detailed. If it is only intended to be decorative, tick the This image is decorative only box.
  11. Size. Update the vertical and horizontal pixel size to adjust the size or check Auto-size.
  12. Alignment. Select from the drop-down menu to position the image.
  13. Select Save image to insert the image into the Label and display it on the module page.

Move image

When you add new content to a section it defaults to the bottom of the section. You can move it to a new location within the section it was created in or move it to a new section.

  1. Turn Edit mode on.
  2. Open the section where the content is located.
  3. Open the section to where you want to move the content. 
  4. Ensure all other sections of the module are closed.
  5. Using the left button on your mouse, click and hold the white space surrounding the file name. The cursor will change into a four-arrowed shape and the white space will be highlighted pink.
  6. Drag and drop the file into its new position.
  7. Drag your file to the section you want it to display, then release the mouse button.
    • If you are working on a long module, keep the left mouse button pressed and select the up or down arrow on your keyboard to navigate to the new location for the content. Release the mouse button when the content has reached the correct location.

You can also move content using module index.

  1. Turn Edit mode on.
  2. Open module index on the left of the screen.
  3. Using the left button on your mouse, click and hold the content on module index, then drag and release it to the section you wish to move it to.



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