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Create content guide

Overview of the popular resource types that you can create to present content to students.

Upload file from computer

  1. Turn Edit mode on.
  2. Open the section where you want to display the file.
  3. Select Add an activity or Resource which is available at the bottom of the section.
  4. Select File from the Resources tab.
  5. Give your file a Name.
  6. Add a Description to provide some information about the file if required. Check the box to Display description on module page.
  7. Select the Add icon to select and upload your file.
  8. Alternatively you can drag and drop your file into the upload file area.

File general settings with title and description added

  1. Select Upload a file.
  2. Select Browse. This opens up Windows Explorer.
  3. Navigate to where you have saved the file. Select the file and select Open.
  4. Select Upload this file.

Upload a file selected in File pickeer

  1. Open the Appearance settings and select how you want the file to display.
  2. Show size to display file size and Show type to display the file type are automatically checked. Do no uncheck these options.
  3. Check the box alongside Upload / modified date to help students to identify updated content. 
  4. Check the box Display resource description to display more contextual information about the file to students.

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save and return to module.

Disable alternative formats

You may wish to consider disabling the alternative format for a specific file if:

  • the alternative format(s) is known to be incorrect.
  • reviewing the content in a different format may reveal the answer to an activity that students are required to undertake while studying the content.
  1. Alternative format icon highlighted alongside fileSelect the alternative formats icon alongside the accessibility score indicator that appears next to the file resource. 
  2. Select the down arrow that appears on the Download alternative formats overlay window. Select Disable alternative formats for this file.

  3. Select the x icon on the top right of the overlay to return to the module page.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for any other files for which you want to disable alternative formats.

When students select the alternative format icon to download the content in a different format they will receive a message that The alternative formats for this file have been disabled.

Re-enable alternative formats for a file

You can re-enable alternative formats if required.

  1. Select the alternative formats icon alongside the file.
  2. An overlay will display. Select the Enable for this file button.

  3. The alternative formats will display. Select the x in the top right to close the overlay and return to the module page.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each file where you want to re-enable alternative formats.
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