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Create content guide

Overview of the popular resource types that you can create to present content to students.

About Page (webpage)

The Page resource enables lecturers to create a webpage resource using the text editor. A page can display text, images, sound, video, web links and embedded code, such as Google maps. It is much easier to update a Page resource rather than a file. You can use a page to:

  • present a concept to students.
  • present a summary of the module.
  • embed several videos or sound files together with some explanation.

For large amounts of content, we recommend you use a Book which is easier for students to navigate.

Opening Notepad

  • In the Windows search box, type Notepad, and then, in the list of results, select Notepad.

Screencast: Create Page

Create Page

  1. Turn Edit mode on.     
  2. Open the section where you want to place your Page to display.
  3. Select Add an activity or resource. Select Page from the Resources tab.
  4. Give your Page a meaningful Name.
  5. The Description can be used to provide contextual information about the Page. Please note that this is not the input field to add your Page content. Check the box to Display description on module page.

  1. Scroll down to the Content settings.
  2. In the Page content input field add the content that you want to display for students.
  3. You can use the text editor to format the content so that it is presented to students in a meaningful way.
  4. Add all the files and links to the same content field.

    10. Select Save and display to view the Page.

  1. Turn Edit mode on.
  2. Open the section where the Page is located.
  3. Select the pen icon  alongside the file.
  4. Enter the new name and then press Enter on your keyboard. Clicking outside the editable area will not save the changes.

  1. Turn Edit mode on.
  2. Open the section where the Page is located.
  3. Open the three dots menu alongside the Page.
  4. Select Edit settings.
  5. Make your changes and select Save and return to module.
  1. Turn Edit mode on.
  2. Hover over the Page until your cursor changes into an arrow icon .
  3. Hold and drag the Page to the right location in the section, then drop.

You can also move content using module index.

  1. Turn Edit mode on.
  2. Open module index on the left of the screen.
  3. Using the left button on your mouse, click and hold the content on module index, then drag and release it to the section you wish to move it to.
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