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Overview of the popular resource types that you can create to present content to students.

About Reading List in sections

The integration between Moodle and Reading Lists Online means that in addition to providing your students with a link to their Reading List from the Module dashboard, you can provide links to a section of readings in the relevant section (i.e. topic/week) of your module. This encourages students to access the relevant resources at the right time and provides a much more integrated and structured experience. 

To use this feature effectively, you will first need to structure your Reading List into sections in Reading Lists Online.

Add Reading List in section

  1. Turn Edit mode on. 
  2. Open the topic/week where you want the Reading List to display. 
  3. Select Add an activity or resource and select Reading List from the Activities tab.
  4. Add an Activity name to provide information on the readings being provided (e.g. Building online communities readings).
  5. Select Show More to add an optional Description. Check the box alongside Display description on module page.
  6. The Launch container options allow you to set how the Reading List section displays. By default this opens in new window. Other options available are:
    • Embed: display the tool within the existing Moodle window, in a manner similar to other Moodle activities.
    • Embed, without blocks: display the tool within the existing Moodle window, with just the navigation tools on the top of the page.
  7. Ignore all other settings and select Save and display.
    • If the Reading List is opening in a new window, you will need to select Open in new window to open the module reading list.
    • Log in to the Reading Lists Online site if prompted.
  8. The Reading List for the module will display.
  9. Type the relevant section of the list into the Sections input field and select Save. This is the section of your reading list that will display in the topic/week of your module.

    Building online communities selected in section

  10. If you have opened Reading Lists in a new window, you will need to locate the Moodle tab. Select Module on the breadcrumb trail to return to the module homepage. 
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