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Manage your content guide

Overview of how to manage your module content; including how to create a guided path through your content.

About activity completion reports

The Activity completion report enables Lecturers and Programme Administrators to review students' progress on a module. From the Activity completion report, staff can also mark activities as complete for students. The report can be filtered by activity type and order in the module.

Access Activity completion reports

  1. From the module homepage, select Reports from the contextual navigation menu above the module name.
  2. Select the Activity completion link.

Reports menu opened. Activity completion link highlighted

  1. There are two filtering menus.
    • The Include drop-down menu allows you to filter by an activity category e.g. Assignments.
    • The Activity order drop-down menu allows you to change the display order to order in module or alphabetical.
  2. You can also use the First name and Last name letter options to restrict the display to specific students based on their first name, last name or both.

Activity completion filters

  1. You can also filter the Activity completion report by groups, if you have set up group mode for the module.
  • Select Settings from the contextual navigation menu to open module settings.
  • Scroll to Groups.
  • Change Group mode to separate groups and make sure that Force group mode is set as No.
  • Select Save and display.
  • When you open the Activity completion report, you can filter by group.


Activity completion key

When you review the Activity completion report you will see a number of different coloured ticks. Hover your mouse over a tick or cross for a full explanation. Below is a guide to the different ticks and crosses.

  • Blue tick - completed and passing grade was not a condition.
  • Green tick - completed and activity has passing grade condition which was achieved.
  • Red cross - activity attempted. Activity has passing grade condition which was failed.

You will also see up to three different types of boxes.

  1. Box with dashed line: Activity is completed automatically.  
  2. Box with solid line: Activity is completed manually by student.
  3. Box with red line: Completion status has been manually set by staff member.

Activity completion report displaying activity completion for students

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