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Manage your content guide

Overview of how to manage your module content; including how to create a guided path through your content.

When do modules become available for students?

SITS modules

If a module start date for the new academic year is not entered into SITS when the Moodle 4 module is created, it will become available to students on the following dates:

  • Term 1: 26th August 2024
  • Term 2: 6th January 2025
  • Term 3: 5th May 2025

Other modules

GEN modules (which take enrolments from business rules) and MDL modules (which take enrolments from meta links) are set to Hidden by default and you will need to manually make these visible in time for the start of the academic year.

Make module visible to students

  1. In the Module overview block, a notification hidden from students displays underneath the module title when a module is hidden from enrolled Students and Student Observers.
  2. When you open a module, the text Module is hidden will display below the module title if it is hidden from enrolled students and student observers.
    • Staff enrolled on the module will still be able to access and design the module while it is hidden.
  3. Select the Show Module button. If you are certain you want to make the module visible to students select Show module in the confirmation screen that displays.

Show Module button highlighted

Set a module start date

If you want the module to become visible at a certain date in the future you will need to add/amend the Module start date.

  1. Select Settings from the contextual navigation menu above the module name to open the module settings.
  2. Change Module visibility to Hide.
  3. Change the Module start date to your module go live date.

    Setting menu opened. Module start date of 5 October

  4. Scroll to the end of the page and select Save and display.

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