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Manage your content guide

Overview of how to manage your module content; including how to create a guided path through your content.

About Restrict access

You can use the Restrict access settings to control the availability of learning materials based on one or more of these condition(s). You may also combine the use of these conditions to add a set of nested restrictions to apply complex logic.

  • Date (you can set from and until dates).
  • Grade
  • Group setting in the module.
  • User Profile field (e.g. First name, Last name, Course code, Programme code, Route code, Mode of attendance, Occurrence and Student status).

You can use Restrict access settings on individual resources or activities, or on an entire section.

You can use Restrict access with Activity completion to control the availability of learning materials based on:

  • Students' completion of a previous activity.

When you create or edit a resource, activity or section summary, you will be able to enable the Restrict access settings near the end of the settings page. Select the Add restriction... button to display the available conditions.

Restrict access and profile fields

Ensure that you hide the Access restrictions when restricting by student profile fields. Access restrictions using profile fields are often used to manage resubmissions and extensions for assessment types that do not have inbuilt workflows to manage these processes e.g. Turnitin assignment and Video assignment.

Hiding the Access restrictions applied, by selecting the eye icon so that it displays with a line through it, ensures that you are not revealing personal information about students to their peers.

profile restriction with student email addresses hidden with closed eye

Restrict access settings and rollover

Remember to update your Restrict access settings on content and activities that are rolled over or imported.

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